Death’s great liberation

We all die. Some sooner, some later. Eventually, everyone alive now will be dead. Even if there is an afterlife, this life here on earth terminates. Thanatophobia, fear of death, may be the greatest fear known to mankind. It is scary to imagine a world where we don’t exist any longer, but it is nevertheless inevitable. We all know this, it’s just whether we accept it or not. There are many forms of denial of death. However, even if pondering non-existence or death or nothingness for one second is terrifying, the potential power it may give us may be astounding and, ultimately, truly liberating. Regardless of whether death is the very end, life as we know it will cease. Perhaps if we all welcomed death into the thought-processes of our daily lives we would be able to see past the petty fears and anxieties we have, we could see through the silly reasons that we claim are reasonable for not speaking up when we think we should, and perhaps we may even come to realise what really matters. Perhaps if we took into account how shortly we will be dead, and how shortly our family and friends will be also, we could take hold of our lives, driving them in the direction that we really want them to go. Maybe we’ll only be free if we realise how brief our lives are, how sometimes we take life a bit too seriously, and we concentrate on what really matters. What does really matter is another question altogether, but there are things which may prevent us from acting how we really want to act which don’t really matter, and it may be by accepting, even embracing, the reality and inevitability of death that we can conquer our fears, and create something better.


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