Alive but dead

When you wake up each morning, do you feel alive? Do you think to yourself that what you are going to do today is going to make you feel alive, or is it going to make you feel dead? Are you having near-life experiences, are you constantly in a state of near-death? Now and again we must ask ourselves if what we are doing makes us feel alive. If it isn’t, it’s not worth it. You and I don’t exist so that we can live each day as walking dead. There are things which make us feel alive, which take us to pinnacle of existence itself. Now and again we may find ourselves in a near-life experience, as mentioned before, and the experience may be one of great intensity and vigour, reminding us of the power of existence. It is not easy to know what makes us feel alive, yet we must try things out to see whether they bring us experiences that are worthwhile. Nietzsche said that ‘the devotion of the greatest is to encounter risk and danger, and play dice for death.’ If we want to be alive rather than dead, we must be willing to risk things, even ourselves. A simple but powerful question we can ask ourselves is ‘how can I make today more alive?’ Near-life experiences can be gotten from even the most boring tasks of daily life. To do this though, we must be willing to risk ourselves.


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