The will to power

The concept of the will to power is more apparent today perhaps more than ever before. This is clear from the prevalence of social media. The majority of social networks are founded upon this principle of will to power, and social media taps into our will for power-it is what draws us in. Power is the reason photos are posted on Instagram and why videos are posted on Snapchat. The question is not whether social media appeals to people because of the supposed power it claims it brings (that is obvious), but whether we should partake in it or not. Another question is whether it is possible to avoid our will to power-is, for example, the denial to use social media just another form of the will to power because one believes that abstaining from social networks brings power with it? We must ask ourselves whether we want to fight for power, to (perhaps pointlessly) strive for attention and recognition. No, it cannot be. It is not that we should try to abstain from the will to power, for this may not even be possible, but to come to realise the best way to attain power-from within. Social media fools us by baiting us to look for power from people other than our own selves. By posting photos and videos with the hope that people will see them and think better of you or be jealous of you, that is not a sign of power, it is a sign of weakness. Social media relies on you relentlessly caring about the opinions and thoughts of others. Power can be attained, but not through the external. Real power comes from within, realising that we don’t need the recognition of others to remain in a serene state.


11 thoughts on “The will to power”

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  2. The will to power is, as you suggest, obvious from both within and outside ourselves.
    I think we can go a step further and ask why humans seek power. My own theory (and not strictly my own, though) is that we seek what gives us purpose/meaning and connection in a confusing and seemingly random world. How we exercise our will toward those ends can be constructive or destructive.

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    1. I totally agree with you. It is certainly the case that the search for meaning is a driving force when making our decisions, and it is this search which gives meaning its power, since the search for meaning is a natural human act. Great to hear from someone who thinks likewise!

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      1. I admit that social media is used for many different reasons, since social media has many different uses, yet it seems to me to be clear that certain social networks are based almost purely on power-the posting of one’s own life online in the form of videos and photos is, I think, a tool for people to feel as if they have influence or popularity. Unfortunately all social networks provide us with this opportunity to post a ‘better’ yet wholly fake and non-existent personality online under the guise of our own name. I think it is possible to use social media and still avoid getting dragged in to this hunt for popularity, yet hasn’t this become a great part of what social media is about?


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