Know what you want

Knowing oneself is difficult and tiresome, if at all possible. Nevertheless, knowing what we want is crucial for getting something out of life. Without this knowledge of what we want, we become aimless, and rather than pursuing what we desire, we are taken along with the crowd, chasing whatever the latest craze is.

Knowing what we want should provide a reason for doing what we are doing now: ‘Why am I doing this? Because I want X.’ Why we want X is another question altogether, but knowing what we want enables us to work out what we must do to get what we want.

How, then, do we get to know what we want? This takes time, no doubt, as well as contemplation. What we want depends on our views of life and existence. The reason we think we are here for may in fact be the greatest influence when trying to work out what we want. It isn’t easy, and we may never know what we really want, yet some deliberation may help us realise that what we are currently doing is not worthwhile.


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