Today is the only day

We like to think that we will live forever. We like to think that death doesn’t really exist, or at least that it won’t affect us. It may be true that death won’t affect us in the way we think because we’ll be dead, and so we won’t exist any longer, but this doesn’t mean we won’t ‘die’.

Death isn’t easy to accept, but it must be confronted. If we act as if we have an infinite amount of time on earth, then it is hard to see a good reason for doing anything worthwhile, since we will always be here. But if we realise that we only have a limited time on this earth, and that soon enough we will be dead and no longer exist, we might just come to recognise the importance of today, and that the only time is now, because soon enough there will be no more ‘now’ for us.

Death shouldn’t be frowned upon, nor should it be feared. Rather it should be used as a reminder of the brevity of life, that our lives could end at any minute, perhaps even right now, and that life is something to be seized and used while it can be. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, do it, because tomorrow you might be dead. If there was something you wanted to tell someone, say it, for tomorrow they might be dead. Death is far from something to be avoided and thrown to the back of our minds. If we allow it, death may enable us to live our lives to the full. Once we accept that this is the only time we have, that today is the only day, and that soon we will be no more, we can start living.