Be afraid no longer

This isn’t about specific phobias which specific people have. This is the universal fear which we all experience at some point. It’s the phobia of life. Like any other seemingly threatening situation, it’s a matter of fight or flight. It’s about whether you run from life or fight it. It might be thought that most people fear death, but it just isn’t true. Most people are more scared of living than of dying, and even if they are breathing, eating and working, this does not mean they are alive. It’s a choice between living life or living death. Living death is easier, but living life will, in the long run, be worthwhile. It is up to you to decide whether you fight or you run, and be wary, asking yourself ‘am I really alive, or am I dead?’ While we breath, it is still possible for us to resurrect, to cease from being dead, and to come alive. What being alive means, only you can discover that.